Bale grabber

  • Bale grabber

Bale grabber GR-1.85-1M is designed for ferrying balls, for loading them to stockpiles, for loading / discharging them to / from trailers with protective coat to keep undamaged.
Bale grabber is fixed with trailing attachment to a tractor‘s front hydraulic suspension. A motion of grabs is fixed by hydraulic cylinder.
According to customers‘ requests ball grabbers are complected together with EUR or SMS attachments.
Draft class of tractor have to be 0,9-1,2kN.

Technical data:

Minimal roll diameter:   0,8 m
Maximal roll diameter:   1,85 m
Lifting capasity:   1200 kg
Weight:   195 kg
Overall dimensions:    
  Lenght: 1,2 m
  Width: 1,45 m
  Height:  0,84 m  

Additional information:

Product code: Bale grabber GR-1.85-1M