Stone bucket

  • Stone bucket

Stone buckets are used to pick-up stones and to take them out from stony fields. We producing two types of these buckets, of widths 1.5 m and 2.0 m.
Stone bucket
is fixed with trailing attachment to a tractor‘s front hydraulic suspension. According to customers‘ requests stone buckets are complected together with EUR or SMS attachments. Draft class of tractor have to be 0,9-1,2kN.

Technical data:

    AR-1.5 AR-2.0
Distance between pins:
  8 cm 8 cm
   0.85 m3 1.00 m3
Weight:    215 kg 265 kg
Overall dimensions:      
 1.5 m  2.0 m
  Lenght: 1.0 m  1.0 m
 0.475 m
0.475 m

Additional information:

Product code: Stone bucket AR-1.5 / AR-2.0